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Both of my cats have fleas. I put flea collars on them last night around 6 pm, how long before it starts working? My cats are over a year old, and they have never had fleas, but they got outside the other day for about an hour(they are both inside cats-they snuck outside) and when they came back inside they both started itching. We have vaccumed,we have the flea spray to kill them inside. We are doing everything we can to kill these little demons, my poor cats are miserable. they usually sleep with my boyfriend and i every night, but i have had to shut them out of the bedroom because i can already feel the fleas biting me.
My question is, how long before the flea collars start to work, and how long before all the fleas are killed off of my cats?
If anyone has any advice on how to eleminate them from my house, that would be great too.
I miss cuddling my kitties and i feel horrible when they scratch.
Please help!

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